Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Home is where the heart is....

And I've got mine plastered all over this place. It feels so great to be back home in Ogongo. I have been going going non stop since I got back, hence the lack of communication. Ombili! Here is a quick update (of the good and the bad).

In the past month.....

  • School started. I am teaching math grade 7, Computers grade 5-12 and Library grade 1-7.
  • I braii-ed (bbq) Springbok and Oryx. Delicious.
  • I sweat myself to sleep in this heatwave.
  • A donkey gave birth in my backyard.
  • I learned all of the possible swear words in Oshiwambo.
  • I started playing tennis and basketball.
  • An important leader in our community passed away and then 2 days later we lost a grade 1 learner. Rough week.
  • I taught a group of friends how to do the electric slide to the sound of Michael Jackson.
  • I went horseback riding through my village
  • I ate bone marrow and sheep's tail
  • My friend saw a giraffe a few km from our village. I am still looking....
  • I watched a man named Tupac break dance on the side lines of a soccer game while wearing an Obama bag as a do-rag